Enrolment - Medical



A sick bay is provided for students who feel unwell or need to rest for a short time. Parents of students who are too unwell to remain in class will be notified to come and collect their child. It is important that parents keep the school informed of updated emergency contacts in case of emergencies.

Changes in address or phone numbers must be reported to the school’s office so that records may be updated. This is essential particularly in case of medical emergency.


Minor injuries during the day are normally attended to at school. In more serious emergencies every endeavour is made to contact a parent or emergency contact person.

In extreme emergencies the child may be taken directly by ambulance or private vehicle to a doctor or hospital before parents can be notified.

The school does NOT carry insurance for ambulance and parents will be liable for any cost involved. Parents who wish to have their children covered are to arrange their own private ambulance insurance.

Health and Welfare

Please notify the teacher should there be any change in medical circumstances that could affect your child at school. Every child has a right to feel safe and happy at school. If your child is unwell, please keep them at home. Following is a list of the Department of Health and Department of Education policies and procedures on certain communicable diseases:

Chicken Pox: Exclude until fully recovered, or until at least five days after the eruption first appears.

Conjunctivitis: Exclude until discharge from eyes has ceased.

Diarrhoea: Exclude until diarrhoea has ceased.

Head Lice: Exclude until hair has been treated and all lice and eggs have been removed.

Herpes (cold sores):  Exclude while lesions are open and weeping.

Impetigo (school sores):  Exclude until effective treatment (including the proper use of occlusive dressings) has been started.

Measles: Exclude and re-admit on medical certificate of recovery, or at least four days after appearance of the rash if well.

Mumps: Exclude for at least nine days after onset of symptoms.

Scabies: Exclude until the day after treatment has commenced.

Influenza-like illness (Various viruses): Exclude and re-admit only on recovery. 

Hand, Foot and Mouth: Exclude until vesicles (blisters) have formed crusts that Disease are dry.