Enrolment - Kindergarten & Pre-Primary Information

Kindergarten & Pre-Primary Requirements

  • A bag suitable for carrying work home i.e. back pack
  • A brimmed school hat. No visors please! Children who do not bring a hat will be restricted to the veranda whilst outdoors. Due to recurring head lice problems no hats will be provided by the school for children to use.
  • Shoes – Simple footwear would be appreciated, flat shoe and socks or sandals with a substantial strap that goes around the heel as a means of attaching the shoe to the foot. No thongs or scuffs. Appropriate footwear is a safety requirement.
  • Please avoid difficult buckles and belts, as going to the toilet must be kept simple.
  • Because of the severe heat in Terms 1 & 4, we ask that children are not clothed in tank tops or shoestring dresses please. This is to ensure the safety of the children due to sunburn when playing and working outside.

Parent Help

Your children love having you in their classrooms.

Any time you have to spare, we would welcome your contribution to our learning environments. Any family or friends are welcome, as are any special skills you may like to share (eg music, art etc).

Please note, there is a school visitors policy/school volunteer policy, see your class teacher for more information.


Attendance at Pre-Primary is compulsory. It is a valuable learning time for your child and regular attendance will enhance your child’s future progress.


Punctuality is very important for the smooth running of the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary centres. Arriving by 8.20am ensures a prompt start to the day.

Supervision is not available before 8.15am, so please ensure that your children do not arrive early.

If you are unavoidably delayed when picking up children please ring and let staff know. If children have not been collected within five minutes of the session closing time parents/caregiver will be phoned. If children have not been picked up after school closes, they will be waiting in the front office. Please let us know if your child is going to be away for any length of time on holidays or for other reasons. 


All parents must deliver their child to the teacher inside the Kindergarten and Pre Primary centres and make sure their presence is known. Children MUST NOT be dropped off in the car park or left outside the Kindergarten or Pre Primary centres unsupervised.

If someone else is going to pick up your child, you must notify the school prior to the time. This can be done by signing the drop off / pick up book in your child’s class or by contacting the teacher directly.


Due to public liability issues, children are not to play on playground equipment before or after school.

Please ensure that toddlers are under your full supervision at all times when picking up or dropping off students. Please, no standing or parking in the bus turn around area. It becomes very dangerous for the children crossing the road.