Enrolment - School Fees & Charges: Kindy to Year 6

All fees are payable at the school office. Invoices will be sent out once student enrolment has been entered and the student has presented at school. There may be incurring fees through out the year for camps, excursions, fundraising etc.

Kindy - Year 6

The School Contributions and Charges financial procedure guides parents and carers to understand the flexibilities of the school fee structures and to determine the estimated total cost of their child’s education for 2016, at the start of the year.

The Exmouth District High School Board has endorsed the schedule of Contributions and Charges for 2016.

The costs outlined are maximums that the school will not exceed.


Parents are asked to pay Contributions within the $60 maximum set in the School Education Regulations (2000). The school needs your commitment to the Voluntary Contribution, as it is a major source of funding for the school and relies on all families contributing. Your contribution will be used to supplement school funding for the purchase of resources needed in the provision of the learning program activities including additional sporting equipment.


Some optional activities that are part of an education program and which ‘contributions’ do not cover may incur an additional charge. All activities outlined overleaf are optional and if no payment is received, an alternative activity will be provided for your child. The School Boardrecognises the value of these types of activities and seeks to support teachers who coordinate them as part of their teaching programs.


Payment can be made at the school administration between 8.00am and 3.15pm, either by cash, cheque or EFTPOS. Payment by credit cards will be accepted by phone. Direct deposit to the school bank account is also available.

Account details:

BSB 036 180

Account No 360154

Parents who are unable to meet the costs should contact the Manager Corporate Services to make arrangements for payment.

To download the Kindy to Year 6 fees and charges, click on the highlighted link.