School Hours & Attendance

School Hours

Adequate supervision of children who arrive earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the school day (8:15am) cannot be guaranteed. Parents are urged to ensure that children do not arrive prior to that time. If you are unable to do so, please contact the school front office.

Special permission may be granted and these children will be required to sit outside the front office until the designated time. Children must be collected within five minutes of the close of the school day.


There is a direct correlation between attendance and achievement. Children who on average miss one day of school each fortnight are deemed to be academically at risk.

  • Frequent absences make it difficult for teachers who have to continually reteach information and skills.
  • Patterns of attendance/absence are set up in the early years of schooling.
  • Poor attendance makes it difficult for students to form positive relationships with their peers.
  • Research shows that students who are often absent from school are likely to earn less than their peers as adults.

The following chart highlights the impact of non-attendance over time. Viewed in this context, the implications of regular absenteeism are startling. The chart shows the cumulative effect of persistent non-attendance over the period from Pre Primary to Year 12.