Learning - Art


Year One to Six students attend a one hour weekly stimulating and varied visual art lesson, where they are encouraged to think creatively, plan for and develop imaginative and individual artworks.

Students use a range of art materials, to develop their art skills and an understanding of techniques and processes they can use to create 2D and 3D artworks.

Students learn about International and Australian art styles, art movements and artists and are encouraged to respond and reflect upon the artworks of others as well as their own arts ideas and finished works.

Artwork is regularly displayed in the school foyer and in the specialized art classroom. Visual art teachers regularly seek opportunities to showcase student artwork in local and statewide art competitions and events.


We offer a stimulating and vibrant visual arts program for Year 7-10 students enabling students to produce high quality artworks through exposure to a range of art disciplines such as drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, sculpture ceramics, design and photography.

We promote excellence by encouraging students:

  • to be creative and critical thinkers
  • to plan for, explore and develop arts skills and knowledge to communicate ideas and reflect on their own art practices
  • to develop awareness of contemporary art techniques and processes
  • to build knowledge of art styles, periods and movements from past and present contexts in order to recognize, reflect upon and respond to the work of others

Art is celebrated through regular display of student artwork in the school environment and participation in local and statewide art events and competitions such as ArtQuest, Whaleshark festival, Gascoyne Art Awards, Chevron Photographic awards, Shaun Tan art awards, Youth on Health festival.  

Each year students have the opportunity to participate in art workshops with local and travelling artists. Recently students have worked with Sadie James, Sandy McKendrick and Leon Holmes.