School P & C

What is a P&C Association?

It is a group of community minded parents, guardians and citizens who’s shared goal is to support and assist our school system for the benefit of all students.

The P&C body has many functions:

  • Encourage parents to participate in the school’s development
  • Develop parent participation and involvement in the school
  • A forum for discussion of issues pertaining to the school and the community
  • Promote and support co-operation and communication of educational matters in the wider community
  • Assist the school with extra amenities for the benefit of all students.

Through the interest of parents like you, the Exmouth District High School P&C has contributed in many ways to the growth of our school including:

  • Running the school uniform shop
  • Fundraising and finance
  • The purchase of shade structures
  • Financial support towards whole school educational programs 
  • Financial support towards the beatification of our school grounds


Presently the P&C meets monthly on the 1st Thursday of each month. For any changes in meeting times please see our Facebook page @ ‘Exmouth District High School P&C’. 

With the P&C contribution covering a spectrum of support, parent input and abilities are a key resource for success. Your attendance at our meetings or volunteering at our many fund raisers would be most welcome.

Exmouth District High School P&C Committee

Vice President:
Uniform shop coordinators: