Our School - School Profile

Overview of School Profile

Currently the school caters for approximately 455 students from Kindergarten to Year 12. We are an Independent Public School (IPS) which enables us to merit select our staff. This ensures we meet the needs of our school community and maintain a high performance and high care culture. With over 30 teaching staff, the specialised needs of the various year levels and secondary subject areas are ably covered. Teaching staff are well supported with approximately 30 clerical staff, education assistants, cleaners and gardeners. These invaluable members of our school team support the teachers, the learning program, and maintenance of the grounds and buildings.

The senior secondary section of the school is growing. We offer a wide range of subjects via the School of Isolated and Distance Education and  provide face to face teaching in ATAR English, Mathematics and Human Biology as well as General English and Mathematics.

Exmouth District High School has an exciting future.


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