Our School - Annual Report

Message from the Principal 

2016 was a year of change as the staff developed a new vision for the school; we reset our school business plan targets and established high performance teams to facilitate teacher collaboration and improve the quality of teaching and learning. Our school has utilized the flexibilities of being an Independent Public School to employ a fourth deputy and have used this as a time to clarify the role of each deputy principal. We have sharpened our focus on the implementation of the school’s business plan and continue the work of the rebranding of the school.

2016 was a busy year for students, staff, parents and our extended community. We have focused our school improvement efforts on our priorities of lifting the quality of teaching and raising achievement standards in Literacy and Numeracy. Work commenced on adopting the ‘2LCRG’ values as well as our principles of ‘3CQIL’ as we strive to provide a caring environment and whilst striving for academic excellence. Significant work was done in building the professional capital of our staff, with particular emphasis on developing teaching and learning through our high performance team structure. We developed greater clarity around our performance development culture, peer observation and professional learning. We have embedded the Letters and Sounds (K-2) and ‘Words Their Way’ (3-6) programs.

Our academic results in NAPLAN indicated improvement across the school in achievement and progress. All ATAR students achieved their first choice university courses. However our Year 9 achievement levels are below the expected level of attainment.

The school continues to be characterized by its friendly and orderly atmosphere. Our students are cooperative and well behaved. Attendance levels are still below the state and like school averages however there are indicators of improvement. The clarification of our newly appointed attendance officer’s role, as well as specific deputy and teacher roles will further improve the effectiveness of our attendance strategy in 2017.

There have been many highlights to the school year, some of these being high levels of participation in athletics and swimming carnivals, our regular assemblies, District High Schools’ Country Week, effective VET programs and transition to employment, our school fete, our school year book, as well as numerous excursions and incursions. The commitment and expertise of those involved in organizing these activities is appreciated. In 2016 we also developed close links to CSIRO scientific researchers via the BHP Ningaloo Outlook Project and Ecocean’s Whale Shark Tagging research.

Perhaps the most significant school improvements was the improved effectiveness our school board. Highlights were the development of a new vision, more clearly articulated and measurable business plan targets, the development of a more streamlined complaints management policy and greater clarity of board members’ roles. Being an Independent Public School has enabled us to respond more appropriately and quickly to the needs of the community whilst remaining a part of the public education system.

I would like to thank our parents, P&C, School Board and local community for the support they have shown to the school over the past 12 months. Finally, I would like to acknowledge retiring Deputy Principal Mr Ian Fraser’s 11 years at our school. We thank him for his leadership and hard work.

Ray Denholm