P & C - About the P&C

What is a P&C?

It is a forum for parents, guardians and citizens to support and assist the Government school system for the benefit of all students. The P&C body has many functions:

• Encourage parents to participate in the school’s development;

• Develop parent participation and involvement in the school;

• A forum for discussion of issues pertaining to the school and the community;

• Promote and support co-operation and communication of educational matters in the wider community; and

• Assist the school with extra amenities for the benefit of all students.

Through the interest of parents like you, the Exmouth District High School P&C has contributed in many ways to the growth of our school including:

• Running the school uniform shop;

• Fundraising and finance

• Shade structures

• Financial support towards the Chaplain Position at our school.

Presently the P&C meets once a month, the times and days varies from afternoon or evening meetings, to find out times they will be advertised on the school’s web site and Exmouth info. With the P&C contribution covering a spectrum of support, parent input and abilities are a key resource for success.

Your attendance at our meetings or volunteering at our many fund raisers would be most welcome.

2016 Exmouth District High School P&C Committee

All new Office Bearers were elected at this year’s Annual General Meeting of the EDHS Parents & Citizens’ Association (P&C) that was held on 2nd June 2016.

PRESIDENT: Kristy Devereux Kristy & her family moved to Exmouth in March 2014. She is the proud mum of two boys - one in year 4 & the other in year 2. She loves Exmouth and the unique opportunities it has to offer. She joined the P&C to learn more about the future direction of the school and to be involved in any changes.

VICE PRESIDENT: Chantelle Watts Chantelle has lived in Exmouth for the last 3½ years. She is the very proud mum of 2 wonderful girls – one in year 3 & the other in Kindy. Chantelle joined the P&C not long after moving to Exmouth as a way to meet new people, as she was new to town, and learn more about the school.

SECRETARY: Tonya Hollis Tonya & her family moved to Exmouth in January 2015. She has two gorgeous children – her eldest in Kindy and a toddler who enjoys going to playgroup. She loves Exmouth and plans on being in Exmouth long term. She really wanted to find a way to get involved with the school and learn what’s going on for her kids—so she joined the P&C.

TREASURER: Justine Maher Justine grew up in Exmouth but left town in 1997. In 2013 she returned to Exmouth with her husband and two children. Her eldest is in year 4 while her toddler is still a few years off school! Justine joined the P&C in 2014 so she could become more involved in her daughter’s school. The new Committee is full of enthusiasm and has a lot of new ideas that they are looking forward to sharing with the school community.

A huge thank you must be given to the outgoing Office Bearers of the P&C who have worked tirelessly to bring the P&C to where it is today. Your commitment, leadership, tenacity and patience is certainly a beacon for us ‘newbies’ to look up to!





Thank you also to all the new faces that attended the AGM and recently joined the P&C. Together we will work with the school to ensure our children get the best school experience. All parents and citizens of Exmouth are invited to attend the next P&C meeting: TBC

Parents can contact: President – Kristy Devereux ph 0419 914 735 or email kristy@northwestbuilders.com.au