Policies - Cyclone Procedure

Cyclone Procedures
It is important to remind ourselves of the school’s procedures in the event of a cyclone effecting us.

1. When a cyclone has developed, the Principal will establish contact with the local S.E.S. coordinator so that communications are open.

2. After the initial contact, the S.E.S. coordinator is requested to inform the Principal of the change from blue alert to yellow alert as soon as practical, during the school operating hours of 8.00am to 2.50pm.

3. Households are advised to listen to the ABC radio announcements which are usually every hour on the “quarter after the hour” for updates on alerts.

4. The decision whether the school is closed or remains open is made solely by the Regional Executive Director based on information supplied by the S.E.S. coordinator, Midwest District Office and/or ABC radio announcements.

5. The school closure due to an “alert” will be communicated to the ABC before 7.30am. State Emergency Services will be informed at the same time.

6. If a Yellow Alert is called during the morning, schools will close at lunchtime. If called in the afternoon, schools will close at normal time. Students may be picked up by parents during a Yellow Alert. In the event that parents do not pick their child/ren up, students will be kept at school until either the parents pick them up or the parents are contacted and issue instructions in regard to their child/ren.

7. When a Red Alert is called after 2pm on a school day other than a Friday, State schools will remain closed the next day.

8. During the day that the school is closed a BMW representative will make contact the Principal to do an external inspection. In the event that the Principal is unavailable, BMW will proceed and then contact the Principal after the inspection.

9. If significant external damage is identified by BMW it is likely that there will be significant internal damage. In this case, a BMW person will accompany the Principal on an internal inspection.

10. In the event that a Red Alert is called after 2pm but subsequently cancelled, the Regional Executive Director reserves the right to ensure that schools open the following day. This will only occur when a Red Alert has been miss-called and there has been absolutely no destructive wind or rain damage. It is expected that this will be a very rare occurrence and that the 2pm ruling will apply in most cases.