Bus Services

A bus service is available for those students living at Coral Bay, Exmouth Fish Co, HEH Naval Base/RAAF Base Learmonth and Lighthouse Caravan Park.

Please click on link to the the School Buses Website to find more information or book online.

‘Log on before you hop on’ – www.schoolbuses.wa.gov.au 

or phone 08 9326 2625.

Families who use this service are requested to contact the relevant bus driver direct should you choose to collect your child before the end of the school.

To be eligible for Transport Assistance, a rural student attending a mainstream school must, under normal circumstances:

  • Be enrolled at their Nearest Appropriate School,
  • Be enrolled in a pre-compulsory or compulsory education period,
  • Regularly attend their school and use the “Orange” School Bus approved for that student,.
  • Reside more than 4.5 km from their school, and
  • Reside outside designated Public Transport Area.