Third Party Applications

At Exmouth District High School, we provide access to high-quality online services that aim to enhance student learning opportunities. This is done through utilising a range of electronic and interactive teaching tools that are available either from the Department of Education WA, or from independent organisations.

In line with the Students Online in Public School Policy, schools must notify parents/guardians of the third party applications used within curriculum programs. At times, parents/guardians may be required to give their explicit consent for students to utilise these third-party facilities.

The following third party services are being used in our school:

Adobe – Multimedia Resource –

Amlib – Library Management System –

Languages Online – an extensive resource for primary students learning either French, German, Indonesian or Italian –

Other third party services may be used within our school, and a times, require consent for use. You will be contacted should your child need access to one of these platforms.

Should you have any queries regarding these applications, please contact the school office on 08 9947 8888