Are you a forward-thinking and creative student who embraces new challenges while demonstrating critical thinking skills? If so, the Exmouth District High School Academic Extension and Enrichment Program (Years 6 – 9) is designed for individuals like you. This program places like-minded students in a challenging, rigorous environment, fostering a sense of connection in a supportive, fun, and collaborative setting.

Within the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) pathway, students will actively engage in Problem-Based Learning tasks and work towards mastering 21st-century skills. This pathway aims to extend their thinking across disciplines, enriching their understanding of the world through an interdisciplinary approach, preparing them to become future innovators.
To thrive in this program, it is crucial for both students and caregivers to understand the following:

  • The importance of being an independent and organised learner.
  • Learning and practicing skills in each subject area to ensure success in later years of education.
  • Maintaining high standards across all domains of school life to retain placement in the program.
  • Adjusting to a significant milestone of transitioning from working with peers of the same age to multi-aged peers, with some students potentially requiring time to settle in.
  • Encouraging parent involvement and acknowledging potential after-school commitments for students.

The selection and application process involves three stages:
Stage One:
Student applications are invited and reviewed by the Teaching and Learning team reviewing supporting evidence of a personal statement, academic reports, social/behavioural progress, teacher reference, and attendance data.

Steamlab Application

Stage Two:
Selected students and parents are invited for an interview.
Stage Three:
Offers for a placement in the program are made, and students and caregivers sign an engagement contract to formalise their entry into the program.
For any inquiries, please feel free to contact the program co-ordinator Hellen Kneale via email at
Thank you for considering this exciting opportunity.