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Correspondence from Principal as of 23rd March 2022

Correspondence from Principal as of 21st February 2022

21st February 2022 – MASKS

Where there is a public health direction to do so, masks must be worn in line with the Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA), section 72A.

This lawful direction applies to and enforces the wearing of masks in schools.
 Adults, including parents and carers, must wear a mask on school site, even when outdoors unless physical distancing of 1.5metres can be maintained.
A person, including all visitors to a school site must not enter or remain in any indoor space unless the person is wearing a face covering or one or more of the following exceptions apply to that person, at that time:
·        The person is a child 12 years of age or under, except at any time the child is attending school in Year 7 and above.
·        The person is a primary school student in a primary school setting.
·        The person is at that time consuming food, drink or medicine.
·        The person is communicating with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing and visibility of the mouth is essential for communication.
·        The nature of a person’s work or the activity that they are engaging in means that clear enunciation or visibility of the mouth is essential. (Teachers are not required to wear a mask while instructing/ addressing the class.)
·        The person is working in the absence of others in an enclosed indoor space (unless and until another person enters that indoor space).
·        The person is swimming, running or jogging or otherwise engaged in some form of strenuous or vigorous exercise or physical activity.
·        The person has a physical, developmental or mental illness, injury, condition or disability which makes wearing a face covering unsuitable. (A person is only exempt from wearing a mask if the person produces a medical certificate that certifies the person has an illness, injury, condition or disability which makes wearing a face covering unsuitable).