Leadership Team

Exmouth District High school prides itself on a distributed leadership model that is primarily concerned with the practice of leadership rather than specific leadership roles and responsibilities. It equates with shared, collective, and extended leadership practice that builds the capacity for change and improvement.

The executive leadership team provides strategic and operational oversight of the school setting goals, developing plans, and implementing strategies to encourage success for all staff and students.

Executive Leadership Team
Marcus GianattiPrincipal
Caryll BrownManager Corporate Services 
Nicole DuselliDeputy Principal Primary K-6  
Chris HickmanDeputy Principal Secondary 7-12
Lucas PlummerDeputy Principal Teaching & Learning
Jane AyresProgram Coordinator Student Support
Senior Leadership Team Leaders
Emily FreimondSpecialist Team Leader Primary English
Emma TothillSpecialist Team Leader Primary Numeracy
Peter VersteegSpecialist Team Leader Secondary Phys Ed
Russell RobertsSpecialist Team Leader Secondary Maths, Science, T&E
Sarah GlanvillSpecialist Team Leader Secondary English, HASS, Arts
Tasha MainLead Education Assistant