School Board


The Exmouth District High Schools Board’s role is focused on direction setting and policy development, and on holding the school to account for its performance on behalf of the Minister for Education, the Director General of Education, and the local community. The day-to-day running of the school is the authority of the Principal, Mr. Marcus Gianatti, and his leadership team who are charged with providing the best possible academic, creative, physical and social, and emotional education and care for each child enrolled at the school.

The Board is aware of the parameters under which the school operates and works closely with the school leadership in setting high expectations and pursuing improvement in student achievement. Although there is still much to be done in this regard trends in the data indicate that the school is making a visible difference to the learning outcomes of the students and over time their life opportunities

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The Board and school have a shared vision- To develop well-adjusted, creative, and resilient students through high-quality teaching and learning in a collaborative, safe environment. We aim to nurture and grow lifelong learners enriched by the surrounding world heritage listed Ningaloo Coast.

As a school community our moral purpose is to stand together to challenge students to aim higher than their personal best, to make connections between their learning and the wider world, and to utilise creativity to develop innovative quality teaching and learning so students become lifelong learners.

Within this, the board and school have agreed upon a clear direction with an explicit focus on the following strategic intents.

  • High Academic Achievement
  • High-Quality Teaching & Learning
  • Student Health & Wellbeing
  • Engaged Families and communities

The Board is confident that much has been achieved in this regard so far, but we also believe there is still a lot more to be done. That is the challenge, which the Board and school working together are determined to tackle in a positive and meaningful way in the best interests of all students who attend this school.

Meet our Members

Amanda Willmott – School Board Chair & Parent Representative

Marcus Gianatti – Staff Representative (Principal)

Russell Roberts – Staff Representative (Deputy)

Sarah Simmons – Staff Representative (Secretary)

Gina Nowak – Parent Representative

Jae Bruynzeel – Parent Representative

Gemma Bass – Parent Representative

Josh Farmer – Parent Representative

Virginia Van Bree – Parent Representative

Bri Williams – Parent Representative

TBC – Community Representative

Tasha Main – Staff Representative