Learning Support

Diversity and Inclusivity

At Exmouth District High School, we take pride in fostering an inclusive learning environment for all students. We offer a range of evidence-based strategies and programs to support each individual, while ensuring that our classroom remains inclusive and promotes equality among peers.

Support at EDHS

At Exmouth District High School, we recognize that students have varying abilities, and some may need different levels of support across various subjects. Our comprehensive school assessment processes allow us to identify students who require additional assistance.

School Specialist Support Team

  •       Deputy of Teaching and Learning
  •       Program Coordinator Student Services
  •       Learning Support Coordinator
  •       Lead EA
  •       School Psychologist
  •       MacqLit and Language Lift trained Education Assistants
  •       Special Needs Education Assistants

Programs and initiatives

The transitional classroom serves as an extension of the support team, specifically addressing the areas of need that often hinder full engagement in the classroom for students with high needs or challenging behaviours. In the transitional classroom, support staff focus on explicitly teaching essential classroom engagement skills while providing a space for students to achieve emotional regulation. The consistent routine ensures effective skill integration, empowering students to navigate the school day successfully and actively participate in class.

ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) is a program that provides a range of accredited qualifications for learners of all ages. These qualifications are designed to develop practical skills, personal development, and employability. ASDAN’s programs cover various areas such as life skills, work-related learning, and personal and social development. They offer flexible and inclusive learning experiences, allowing students to gain recognition for their achievements beyond traditional academic subjects. At EDHS students access ASDAN courses through the School of Isolated and Distance Education and are supported by a Special Needs EA to complete the tasks.

MacqLit is an explicit and systematic reading intervention program designed for small groups of older low-progress readers. It focuses on phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, with scripted lessons delivered by trained educators. The program aims to build confidence and improve reading skills in struggling readers.

Special Needs

Parents of students with diagnosed or imputed special needs are urged to promptly contact the school. This proactive communication ensures that the most appropriate program is put in place to address the child’s specific needs.

The school can apply for funding for students who have a diagnosis of the following:

  •       Autism Spectrum Disorder
  •       Hearing or sight impairment
  •       Global Developmental Delay
  •       Severe Medical Condition (this covers a range of conditions, please talk to a member of the admin team for more information)
  •       Intellectual Disability

External Support Partners

  •       School of Special Education Needs: Disability, Mental health, Behaviour and Engagement and Sensory
  •       Child and Adolescent Mental Health services (CAMHS)
  •       Child Protection and Family Support (CPFS)
  •       Disability Services Commission
  •       External Occupational and Speech Therapy providers