Health & Physical Education

Exmouth District High School has three sports factions: Ningaloo (Yellow), Giralia (Green), Bullara (Blue). Students are encouraged to wear their faction colours on carnival days. Our students participate in a swimming carnival in Term 1 and an athletics carnival in Term 3. These days are all about maximum participation, doing your best for the team, demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship and having fun. 

Primary Physical Education

Every class from Years 1 to 6 participate in a one-hour lesson with the physical education specialist. Students are exposed to a wide range of fundamental movement skills, minor games, team sports, racquet sports, athletics, team building activities, dance and running a basic sporting competition. The focus is on developing student’s skills in every major sport, so they are confident to join in with any community sport in their future. 

The physical education program is supplemented with Daily Fitness on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Students enjoy ten different high intensity, quick burst fitness activities across the term. 

Appropriate footwear, hats and water bottles are a must for all physical education lessons. Students are rewarded for doing the right/good thing by receiving faction points and lucky tickets throughout the year. Where possible, the school takes advantage of clinics offered by development officers from various major sports. These are short programs of an hour per class and can be limited to a targeted group of classes. Previous clinics the school has been involved in are soccer, AFL football, squash, tennis, hockey and cricket. We have also had the privilege of having the Wirrapanda Foundation, ex-Olympians, Stephen Michael Foundation and other sporting greats visit our school. 

Parent/Guardian help is required to help run our carnivals, so please let the school office know if you can help out at any of these events in any capacity.

Secondary Physical Education

All students in the Years 7 to 10 get three two periods per week of General Physical Education. Students have the opportunity to learn and improve their skills across a wide range of sports. A modified sports education approach to lessons is generally used involving students playing in teams in a class competition. This allows students to demonstrate their skills in a game situation and also involves students fulfilling extra responsibilities of umpiring, scoring and time keeping. 

The sports covered vary according to the seasons with the extremely hot times of year based around pool activities. Those students who really enjoy the Physical Education learning area also have the opportunity to choose some option classes. These are two periods per week and give students the opportunity to learn and develop skills in a variety of different sports and activities that often utilise the unique Exmouth environment. Examples of activities include as kayaking, lawn bowls, archery, fishing and cycling. One particular Physical Education option class gives students the opportunity to gain their Bronze Medallion certification. 

Two carnivals are held over the year. A swimming carnival in term 1 and an athletics carnival in term 3. These carnivals are designed to cater for all abilities and are a combination of tradition events along with a series of fun novelty events. 

Secondary Health

All students in Years 7 to 10 have one period a week of Health Education. A wide range of topics are covered across the different years. These lessons are designed to give students all the information they need to make healthy choices both now and in the future. 

Strategies and ideas that will allow students to help someone they know with a health issue are discussed along with various options for obtaining expert help. In Year 10, students complete a component called the Keys for Life driver education program. This gives students the opportunity to complete their learners permit test at school.