Secondary Design and Technologies

The Learning Area of Design and Technologies at Exmouth High School includes a range of specialty subjects and courses including Wood and Metal Technologies, and Home Economics.

Metalwork and Woodwork aims to motivate students and engage them in a range of learning experiences that are transferable to family and home, constructive leisure activities, community contribution and the world of work. Students learn to design, plan and produce products from a range of materials, with a focus on Wood and Metal. During the design stage, students are encouraged to utilise as many recycled materials as possible and also create products that are useful in their everyday life.

In Home Economics (Food Production), students learn about the nutritional value and physical properties of food whilst developing skills to create healthy eating options. They explore a range of local, global and cultural foods and learn of food principles, including production processes, preservation, preparation, physical and sensory properties and perceptions. Additionally, students develop an understanding of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, which emphasises the importance of a balanced diet for both physical and mental health. By following these guidelines, students learn how food fuels their bodies and minds.

In Textiles, students learn hand and machine-based production techniques whilst interacting with various textile fibres. They explore marketing opportunities and sustainable manufacturing practices which impact and influence design.

Secondary Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies empowers students to shape change by influencing how contemporary and emerging information systems and practices are applied to meet future needs. Our curriculum’s increased engagement with coding, Photoshop, 3D modelling and printing and, game design develops digital fluency for students and takes advantage of new and exciting ways to learn. Today’s students will one day seek work in a globally connected digital world.

Every student is encouraged to ENJOY, IMPROVE and STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE!