Helpful Student Information

Having small and big problems is a normal part of life. Most of the time you can solve them on your own – sometimes you talk to other people which helps. People you see every day – your friends, parents and teachers know you the best and understand you the most. By speaking with people you know, you can help each other and support each other’s day-to-day coping.

Sometimes you don’t think that the people you know would be able to help you, so if this is the case, there are people online and by phone you can get help from such as:

At school there is a Student Support Team who can also help. If you would like to speak to someone from this team, please speak to Sarah at the front desk in the Student Support office.

Other Useful Resources

Esafety Commissioner

The eSafety website educates students about online safety risks and provides support with strategies for when cyberbullying occurs. They can also help to remove harmful content such as images or videos shared without consent.

Friendly Schools

Friendly Schools can support students with creating a safe and friendly school that is based on respect and a feeling of belonging.